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Does back to means testing mean testing times

Does back to means testing mean testing times?

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Does back to means testing mean testing times? Bankruptcy isn’t always the answer.

“He started to tell me about the loud, harsh knock on the door which meant the “Means Tester” was on the prowl.”

As per usual on a Sunday lunchtime, I was sat in my local Working men’s Club preparing myself for a skilful, tactically testing game of bingo. However, I started up, what proved to be an interesting conversation with a former Yorkshire miner. An old guy, a regular, who is affectionately known as t’owd Albert.

We was talking about the old days and how things were much tougher then than they are now. In his usual down to earth way, he started to tell me about the loud, harsh knock on the door which meant the Means Tester was on the prowl.

“Aye lad,” he said; “them buggers would walk round t’house goin thru draws ‘n lookin int pots ‘n pans to seef thad got any spare cash tucked away, even lookin int bedrooms checkin ow many mattresses’ thad got”. His obvious cockney twang coming through

Well I was spellbound, I had heard these kinds of stories before but the way he relived the tale! It really made me think, “do we know how lucky we actually are these days”?

As soon as I got home, I fired up the old computer and headed straight for Google. I entered the words ‘Means Testing’ and unbelievably, at the top of my search was “A Do It Yourself Means Test”. It was to see if you, “Qualified for Bankruptcy”. I was astonished, the actual wording used was, “I Qualified for Bankruptcy”!

It hit me right there and then! How much financial trouble some people must be in if they are by-passing face to face financial advice on insolvency. Instead going to a website that is advocating bankruptcy without advice, no proper advice!.

I realise that in a lot of cases going bankrupt can be beneficial and save a great deal of worry and financial stress, but the obvious step before that is to seek good advice. Good advice, where you can consider all your options. Perhaps bankruptcy or perhaps, an individual voluntary arrangement. Most, insolvency practitioners are only too happy to give advice, best advice, free confidential advice alternatively see your local CAB . Bankruptcy, isn’t always the answer, a voluntary arrangement can prove a lot less painful and easier than most people think.

I’d like thank t’owd Albert for his financial insight amongst many other things, but his English lesson left a lot to be desired, “God Bless Him.”

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