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Women Hit Worse by Credit Crunch

Women Hit Worse by Credit Crunch

A recent report has highlighted that behind the headline unemployment figures, women are suffering more than men. Figures show that the rate of unemployment among… Read more »

bankers bonuses

An opinion on bankers bonuses

I have followed with interest the debate about bank staff bonuses. After spending some 30 years in commercial banking I feel that I am entitled… Read more »

UK Inflation Falls to 3.1%

UK Inflation Falls to 3.1%

Consumer price inflation dropped sharply in December to an annual rate of 3.1% from November’s figure of 4.1%. The main factor for this sharp fall… Read more »

ponzi scheme fraud

$50bn Fraud to Hit British Banks

Some of the world’s wealthiest private and corporate investors are reported to be victims of an alleged $50bn fraud by Wall Street broker Bernard Madoff…. Read more »

euro vs pound

Pound Vs Euro Near a Record Low.

The pound hovered close to record lows against the euro on Monday after a survey reported another sharp fall in house prices. Rightmove.co.uk has reported… Read more »