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British workers are reluctant to take their holiday time

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Recent research has found that over seven months is the time the average British worker will wait before going on a weekend away. It is also the time span that one in three of the public will wait before taking a holiday for longer than a week.

Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty in the economy which can affect jobs and the business world’s outlook. As a result, many employees have low confidence in their roles and job security seems to be lacking for many so going on holiday is not very important for a significant number of the population.

Traditionally times of stress see Brits becoming reluctant to take any time off work even though they are entitled to it. The majority of those surveyed said that feeling stressed is not a good enough reason to take any time off work.

Although, a lack of job security is an understandable reason for not taking time off work, it is important to have a break from the routine of work and the stress of working every day. Having time away from work gives you the time to rest, relax and try to create a fresh outlook on work when you return.

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Brits are spending more time at home and at work than they are going on holiday or going out to relax and have some time for themselves. Increasingly, when Brits do take holiday time off work, it is to stay at home as 59% of those surveyed stated.

More time is being spent at home during the week and on weekends too, as over a third of people do not go out with friends during the week and 71% would rather spend time at home during the weekend than socialising or participating in their hobbies.

Lower wages, rising costs, less job security and a 24 hour working culture seem to have culminated in work becoming more and more important in people’s lives regardless of whether they enjoy their job or not. As workers become reluctant to take holidays, and tend not to be able to afford to go away, it can lead to more stress in the workplace which can affect many British workers.

If you love your job or you work in a high pressure role/environment then it can probably be difficult to decide when is best for you to take a holiday. However, holidays and taking a break are there for a reason so that you get time for yourself to relax and to help you strike a good work/life balance.

Whatever your role and whatever the sector you work in, work hard but make sure you take a break as we all most definitely need one every now and again.

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