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Sights set on new future for thermal imaging company

Wilson Field has helped secure the sale of two related North East businesses, which developed and manufactured thermal imaging equipment, as a going concern to Cenergem Limited backed by a group of local investors not associated with the current management.

Kelly Burton and Joanne Wright from Sheffield-based insolvency specialists Wilson Field were appointed joint administrators of Darlington-based K2 Technologies Ltd and K2 Thermal Imaging Ltd on 25 July 2016.

The two companies had experienced cash flow problems following to a sharp decline in the demand for their products due to increased global competition in the market over the last 18 months.

The sale, which resulted in six of the current eight jobs being saved, was achieved by Wilson Field, working alongside valuers and asset management consultants Charterfields, who handled a number of enquiries and Mark Wilkinson, insolvency partner at Shulmans Solicitors in Leeds.

Kelly Burton, director and licenced insolvency practitioner at Wilson Field said: “During the past 12 to 18 months K2 had begun to experience increased competition in the market. Competitors had started to manufacture and sell similar products at a lower price, meaning the company had seen a sharp decline in the demand of products and a resultant shortage of cash flow.

“Our job was to realise a sale of K2 as a going concern to achieve the best return for the company’s creditors. There was significant interest by a number of parties. The resultant sale has also saved six of the eight jobs.”

K2 Thermal Imaging Ltd and its predecessors were involved in the development of three products establishing the company as a lead pioneer in thermal imaging.

The company designed and engineered three main product ranges for extensive use in the marine, firefighting and industrial sectors, allowing operators to enter smoke filled environments to detect and rescue people with a hands free application, therefore improving success rates in recovery.

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