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Advisors from Wilson Field have rescued a London headquartered advertising agency after it was bought out of administration by the existing management team.

Rooster Punk Ltd was established in 2012 and specialised in providing creative content for technology and financial services brands to better interact with clients and customers.

The company, which traded from head offices at Queen Victoria Street in London with a second office in Clifton Down Road in Bristol, called in administrators from Sheffield-headquartered Wilson Field for formal insolvency advice.

The company had experienced significant growth since set up and posted profits each year up to and including October 2016.

However loss of funds due to a bad debt combined with the termination of customer contracts and rising business overheads had created cash flow problems.

Kelly Burton (pictured) and Lisa Hogg from Wilson Field were appointed as joint administrators on December 6 and concluded a pre-packaged sale of the business and assets to Rooster Punk Group Limited lead by the same management team of Rooster Punk Ltd.

All remaining nine staff at the time of the sale were saved and transferred to the new company under TUPE.

Kelly Burton, director and licensed insolvency practitioner at Wilson Field said:

“Wilson Field considered the company’s precarious financial situation, which was borne as a result of a number of factors including the Samsung contract under billing, loss of funds due to a bad debt from a start-up, termination of customer contracts and rising business overheads.

“Despite attempts to cut back overheads, including reducing staff numbers from a peak of 24 down to 10, the directors recognised the company’s precarious position and sought formal insolvency advice from Wilson Field, and advice on alternative options available.

“The pre-packaged sale has mitigated employee termination claims in the nature of wage arrears, accrued holiday pay, redundancy and pay-in-lieu of notice totalling £33,680.

“It has preserved the value in the company’s intangible assets, namely its goodwill and work in progress and maximised the value of the company’s trade debtors due to the continuity of service to the company’s customers by the successor business.”

Valuations were handled by Robert McArdle of David Currie & Co with legal services and advice from solicitors Irwin Mitchell LLP.

Authored by Kelly Burton

Kelly Burton

Director & Licensed Insolvency Practitioner