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How much does a Member’s Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) cost?

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A Member’s Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is typically proposed by the director(s) when the business has ceased to trade, and the company is no longer required. It is a tax-efficient way of distributing company assets amongst shareholders, allowing shareholders to claim Business Asset Disposal Relief (Entrepreneurs’ Relief) should they meet the relevant criteria. It is a formal procedure governed by the Insolvency Act 1986 and must be carried out by a licensed insolvency practitioner. Our standard MVL cost is £1,695 + VAT and expenses, however, this can rise depending on the nature and complexity of the members liquidation.

There are certain duties which must be undertaken by the liquidator, such as the drafting and submission of statutory paperwork to Companies House, the calculation and distribution of company funds to shareholders, and liaising with HM Revenue & Customs to obtain clearance for the liquidation to be completed and the company dissolved.

What are the costs

Our standard cost of an MVL, is a fixed fee of £1,695 + VAT + expenses. This standard fee applies to cases where the company’s only asset is cash at bank, and all liabilities have been settled. If the case is more complex and there is a need for physical assets to be realised, outstanding liabilities to be paid or assets to be distributed in specie, then our fees will be higher.

The costs involved in processing an MVL are usually drawn directly from the company assets held in the liquidation i.e. cash at bank and is approved by the shareholders. The balance is then distributed in accordance with the company’s shareholding. As such we do not usually require payment upfront for an MVL. There are also some statutory expenses.

Pricing Structure

Our costing for an MVL has a pricing structure which is based on a three-tiered system, designed to suit the individual requirements of each company. The cost is split into two different sections, the liquidator fees, which involves all the work and duties carried out by our insolvency practitioner. The secondary part involved in the cost is the expenses, which are a mandatory part of the MVL process.

£1,695 + VAT & expenses

This is for a straight-forward MVL where the company has no outstanding liabilities, and all assets have been turned into cash.

£1,995 + VAT & expenses

If the liquidation of your company is more complex and there are outstanding liabilities to be settled, or assets to be distributed in specie; our £1,995 MVL option would be the most appropriate.

Bespoke MVL + VAT & expenses

With our bespoke MVL we will carry out the valuation and sale of any physical assets, and deal with any disputed creditor claims against your company. We also offer a free face-to-face meeting with one of our consultants, as well as providing constant support and guidance throughout the process.

We find a large proportion of companies qualify for our low cost £1,695 MVL.
If your company is registered in Scotland, please contact us for an accurate quote to carry out an MVL.

Liquidator fees

An MVL is a formal liquidation procedure and must be carried out by a licensed insolvency practitioner. There are certain duties which we must undertake, such as the drafting and submission of the appropriate MVL forms and facilitating the entire process.

The table below details our pricing structure and provides a breakdown of the items covered in each price bracket. Every company is different, and we can offer a bespoke package if required.

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£1,695 MVL£1,995 MVLBespoke MVL
All work done by phone/email/post
Tax efficient distribution to shareholders
Dedicated case worker
Consultant support
Cash distribution
Have outstanding liabilities
Assets distributed in specie Directors Loans Stocks, shares & investments Title to assets (excl property)
HMRC Refunds
Distribution in specie to title of property
Physical assets to be realised
HMRC investigations & disputed creditor claims
Restructuring MVL (Section 110)
More than 3 shareholders+ £100 + VAT per additional shareholder+ £100 + VAT per additional shareholderIncluded with quote
*If required we offer a face to face consultation with our bespoke MVL package.


There are several statutory expenses incurred as part of the liquidation process. These are part of the cost of an MVL and are as follows:

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ExpensesCost £
Three statutory Advertisements The Notice of Appointment of the Liquidator. Winding Up Resolutions. Notice to Creditors to Submit Claims.
Three statutory advertisements are required in the London Gazette at £85.85 + VAT each.
£257.55 + VAT
total cost
Admin transfer fee per distribution
A shareholder would usually have two distributions during the lifetime of the case - if the company is VAT registered
£15 + VAT
per transfer, per shareholder
Storage of books & records per box
(If electronic - no charge)
Records must be held for the lifetime of the case and for 12 months following dissolution.
£80 + VAT
per year
Collecting company books & records
(If electronic - no charge)
Costs incurred for collecting the Company’s books and records. At cost by courier, price to be confirmed based on location and quantity.
Price based on location & quantity + VAT
Liquidator’s insurance bond - based on asset value
Cost of the insurance bond is based on the value of assets that the company has.
Between £25,001 to £50,000£30 + VAT
Between £50,001 to £100,000£52 + VAT
Between £100,001 to £250,000£80 + VAT
Between £250,001 to £500,000£110 + VAT
Between £500,001 to £1,000,000£145 + VAT
Between £1,000,001 to £2,000,000£232.50 + VAT
Between £2,000,001 to £3,500,000£290 + VAT
Between £3,500,001 to £5,000,000£347.50 + VAT
Over £5,000,001£420 + VAT
If a higher bond is required, please enquire

If your company is VAT registered, we can reclaim the VAT on our fees & expenses, so shareholders will only pay the net cost.

In summary

The cost of an MVL starts at a fixed fee of £1,695 + VAT and expenses for a standard MVL. If all creditors have been paid and there is only cash at bank left to distribute, the liquidation process should run smoothly and hence there should be less work involved. If there are other assets to realise or creditors to pay, this involves more work and hence our fixed fee will increase to £1,995 + VAT. In the case of more complex MVL’s we offer a bespoke package to meet the individual needs of the company.

The provisions of Business Asset Disposal Relief (Entrepreneurs’ Relief) mean that an MVL is a tax-efficient way for shareholders to withdraw their funds from the company, rather than by taking it out as a dividend. The distribution of company assets through an MVL allows shareholders to claim Entrepreneurs’ Relief should they be eligible. An MVL is a formal procedure governed by the Insolvency Act 1986 and must be carried out by a licensed insolvency practitioner.

See how to claim Business Asset Disposal Relief (Entrepreneurs Relief)

How we can help

If you have a solvent company which you believe has come to the end of its natural life span and you want to extract the assets from the company in a tax-efficient manner, it’s important to know the options available to you.

We can offer you a fixed fee service, with no hidden costs. All work is carried out by one of our licensed insolvency practitioners, assisted by a dedicated caseworker who will guide you through the liquidation process.

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