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Cocktail Making Class

Authored by Bethanie Markham

Bethanie Markham

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The Spring-time YNG cocktail-making class was held at the newly opened Bocelli 1831 on Ecclesall road, an authentic restaurant-come-cocktail bar with a penchant for the Italian experience.

We were very happy to be hosting once again, and after a brief reunion amongst everyone, we quickly split into teams to learn how to make the classic cosmopolitan and a slighlty punchier amaretto sours.

spring-time YNG

After mastering these rather vital life skills, Bocelli very kindly whipped us up a few snacks to help us soak up the alcohol. We then spent the evening networking amongst ourselves, with the sun staying out almost as long as we did!

As we look forward to the longer summer nights please do remember that the cogs are in motion for the YNG Summer Social.

With that, thank you to everyone who attended, safe to say another successful Spring-time YNG – and watch this space!


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