County Court Judgement (CCJ) contact details

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) can be issued by your creditor if you haven’t responded to their reminders to pay your debts.

If you wish to find out who sent the judgement, you should contact the issuing court. Most CCJs are issued by the Civil National Business Centre (CNBC).

The County Court Business Centre in Northampton and the County Court Money Claims Centre in Salford are now known as the Civil National Business Centre.

Court contacts

Make sure you have your business and judgement details ready, as these may be required before more information can be provided.

You can contact the Civil National Business Centre (CNBC) on: 0300 123 1056

Details of which court issued your CCJ can be found in the judgement itself.

Help & Advice

If you find you are unable to settle the CCJ, have cash flow problems, or are worried that you may be “trading whilst insolvent” we are able to offer you some free advice.

We have a dedicated page that provides an overview of CCJ help and advice.


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