Coronavirus (COVID-19): how we can help

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact individuals and companies worldwide, the world health organization (WHO) categorised the outbreak as a pandemic.

Current situation

We continue to assess the ongoing situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and safety of our employees is our top priority. We are actively monitoring the situation and taking steps to mitigate disruption to company operations, ensuring we are able to operate to assist individuals and companies who are facing difficult circumstances.

Steps to continue operations

We have taken steps within Wilson Field to allow us to operate through this pandemic. We are able to continue assisting companies during this time through various means.

Initial help & advice

We currently offer face-to-face consultations to directors who may require our assistance. If required, we are able to provide the same assistance and advice through other means, such as telephone conferencing, email or online chat.

Ongoing assistance & processing

We are fully operable and are able to provide the same level of service.

Government updates

As the government issues new updates and responses to the pandemic we will adapt our plans to the current circumstances.

Government resources

Information on healthcare advice for employers and support for businesses: