Countyline Limited Notice

Wilson Field was engaged by the director of the Company to assist in placing the Company into Administration on 1 June 2018.

On review of the circumstances, it is apparent that there has been significant information withheld by the director of the Company that will have impacted on the advice given and the course of action suggested.

Steps were taken by Wilson Field to address the concerns relating to the matters raised however, these have not been answered by the director. In light of this together with the ongoing Brighton police investigation into the Company’s affairs, Wilson Field has taken steps to disengage from the Company and are no longer taking the appointment as administrators.

Creditors are advised to liaise with the police citing the following crime reference number if they have any specific concerns about trading practices of the Company, whilst seeking independent legal advice in respect of any claim they may wish to bring against the Company.

Crime Reference Number; 47180077855.

Beverley Horton Christopher Callaghan Stephen Hall

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