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Rescue your business with a CVA from Wilson Field (video)

CVA Video Transcript

A company voluntary arrangement, or CVA for short, is a company rescue or restructure program which can help ensure the future of your business by not only supporting you but also helping to lighten the load.

We can ease creditor pressure by communicating with them on your behalf. We can propose affordable, regular monthly payments if you’re struggling with overheads and historical debts. We can negotiate with landlords and other authorities to help cash flow and minimize short-term liabilities, and we can protect you by stopping HMRC taking action over unpaid taxes of whatever kind whilst preparing the CVA.

In short, we can help you turn around your company by giving you some support and a little bit a breathing space, so you can maintain control of your company and secure its long-term future.

If you need us there’s no time like the present.

Read more about a company voluntary arrangement (CVA).

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

Head of Marketing

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