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The Downside of Day Time Television

The Downside of Day Time Television

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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There are a lot of gambling adverts in between day time television

I happened to be on holiday recently and whilst I’m not one for watching day time television, due to normally being at work, I did find myself watching and noticing the growing amount of advertisements with regards to gambling.

These gambling adverts were for either bingo or poker matches all easily accessible via the internet. Many were offering special deals such as; “Join today and receive £30 worth of free play” or “If you join today receive 2 months free membership”.

This got me thinking if you spend alot of time at home during the day, possibly alone, due to various different reasons such as a lack of employment, it would be very tempting to break the daily routine and subscribe to these websites.

Most of these websites want your bank or credit card details before they issue you with offers first advertised. This is when you could find yourself getting into financial trouble. The excitement come from the break in your routine and the “If I play one more game I could win” theory. I can understand how people can easily become addicted.

This addiction can soon spiral out of control; before you know it, funds intended for living expenses and bills get swallowed up to continue the game. This is when bills or mortgage/rent payments begin to fall behind and many people find themselves in a financial mess.

This is when you find people starting to bury their head in the sand. Many put mail reminders in the kitchen drawer, thinking of the old expression “Out of sight, out of mind”.

So if your finances have been affected as a result of gambling, get free financial advice.

By Jo Riley – Wilson Field

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