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Every job saved is crucial – no matter what sized company

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Every person’s job is important to them.

The reasons why can be varied – it might be that you are offering a service no-one else does, working in a specialist sector, making your mark in a specific industry or just bringing home a wage to provide for your family.

Being part of a small team can build fierce loyalty, form long standing relationships and is, in many ways, no different to being part of a multi-national or huge international conglomerate. The key is working together to make things happen and being part of a close-knit team.

Our work with businesses brings us into contact with a variety of different sized organisations up and down the country and it is often the smallest companies that we can provide the most help to.

Three recent jobs for us didn’t involve the biggest companies, but all were needing our help to secure a positive future.

The first I was appointed to was Delta Business Consultants Ltd, a Coventry-based recruitment and temporary staff agency servicing all sectors of the labour market within the Midlands.

It specialises in warehouse, industrial, catering and hospitality event provision and with just two employees on the books was certainly not the biggest administration we have ever been involved in. But both positions were saved in January this year when we sold the company to an unrelated competitor.

Marine 3lectric Ltd, a 13-year-old general electrical contractors, had a staff of three whose jobs were saved with the help of Wilson Field when a new company was started to continue its work in the London area.

It had run into financial difficulties after taking on an unprofitable contract which was followed by a period of uncertainty around new work streams. Wilson Field was appointed joint liquidators in March after a winding up petition was issued by a creditor.

Also in March, we brokered a pre-pack deal to save all five jobs at London-based Integrated Effluent Solutions Ltd – whose clients included the Royal Mint and a number of large food processing companies.

Problems affecting profitability and cash flow, including costs relating to a dispute, technical problems relating to a contract in Kenya and a significant bad debt were only some of the problems faced by this company when we were called in as administrators.

What the outcome brought was a future for those five jobs – each with their own reasons to work there.

Whether we are called in to advise on a 100-strong workforce for an administration or a liquidation of a company which employs two people, our focus is always the same – a good return for creditors and to save jobs where possible. This often means a better outcome for the owners too.

Whatever the size of your company and workforce, Wilson Field can help you and your business. For further details give us a call on 0800 901 2475 .

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