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As a single woman of a certain age

As a single woman of a certain age I found myself with 3 grown up children – Financial Impact Of Divorce

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Lots of men & women struggle financially following their divorce. Having to start again proves to be very difficult for all involved. Get Free Advice!

As a single woman of a certain age, I found myself with 3 grown up children, a handful of supportive friends (all were in relationships) and a lot of time on my hands. But sadly no-one to do anything with! It’s time to get a boyfriend I thought! I quite fancied being wined and dined again. Plus, I had a long list of odd jobs around the house a man would come in very useful for!

After propping up a few bars; glass of Pino in hand (on the evenings I could drag a friend out) I found myself surrounded by a sea of couples all a lot younger than me. On the odd occasion, I did get approached by a member of the opposite sex, they were either about 5 inches shorter than me or decidedly a bit odd! It looked like I was destined to be single for the rest of my life!

Someone with my best interests at heart suggested I put together a profile and get myself on internet dating. “Everyone’s doing it” she said. I was hesitant at first but as a fairly confident and determined sort of character I launched myself into it. I wrote: I’m tall, slim (big knickers are a wonderful undergarment), outgoing, sporty, love the theatre, nights in, nights out, Knight in shining armour who is handy with a drill required. The list went on but I was determined to get it right and find the man of my dreams!

By “Everyone’s doing it” my friend failed to tell me (maybe she didn’t know) that by ‘everyone’ that included:

  • Married men (my wife doesn’t understand me)
  • Players
  • The professional daters
  • The desparates
  • The weirdo’s

I met them all…tall, short, boring, egotistical, weird and everything else you can imagine. I never felt the need to climb out of a ladies toilet window to escape but I do admit to getting a friend to call with an urgent message. A message saying I was needed at home to get me away on more than a couple of occasions. Mobile phones really are very useful at times!

One thing was apparent, during many dates there are lots of men struggling financially following their divorce. Having to start again proves to be very difficult for all involved. Whilst everyone understands assets and liabilities are predominantly halved in the event of a split (pensions included) and maintenance has to be paid, financially life is often never going to be the same. For some, the outlook is definitely quite bleak.

Working as a secretary for a firm of insolvency practitioners, Wilson Field Limited, finance often arose when dates questioned what I do. It was apparent good quality advice had not been sought by many and unnecessary hardship was being endured. Maybe my dream of being wined and dined would have to change – a bag of chips and a shandy was looking more like it!!

So where am I now? Well after more dates than I would like to admit to I’ve finally met a lovely man who has a caravan, a private number plate and no car (his wife drove off in that).

He has a lot of work to do regarding his finances and upon my recommendation; has been speaking to one of the Insolvency Practitioners at Wilson Field and is gradually getting things sorted out. Good quality debt advice is making a difference and he can now see some light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Life never turns out the way we think we would like it to be, often throwing us a few curve balls to deal with to throw us off track. By being proactive and talking to the right people it is possible to turn things round.

I have at last found my knight in shining armor even though he doesn’t have a horse! So my persistence paid off.

Now where did I put my chips……………………………………?

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