Wilson Field expand financial solutions team in West Midlands

Wilson Field expand financial solutions team in West Midlands

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Wilson Field covers all insolvency scenarios from personal and corporate insolvency through to financial solutions. For more information on available financial solutions such as Invoice Financing, Factoring or any other service, please visit WF Financial Solutions.


Wilson Field has expanded its West Midlands office at Blythe Valley Business Park in Solihull, with the appointment of financial consultant Paul Atkins.

Paul, 45, from Sutton Coldfield, joins the company with more than 20 years’ experience in the finance sector, having previously worked for Barclays, HBOS and as managing director of Birmingham Ultimate Finance.

Paul is tasked with liaising with businesses on a range of financial solutions to support their cash flow needs. His duties also include helping to prevent insolvency or assist with restructuring.

Regarding his appointment, Paul said;

“I aim to add value to businesses needing financial assistance in managing cash flow more effectively, whether it is to support recovery, growth or a restructure. I’m here on an advisory capacity and will use my experience in the sector to find the best options available which suit the needs of the business.

“This could involve some hand-holding during a difficult period to avoid becoming insolvent or provide advice on how to evolve the business to ensure it keeps afloat.

“It is still a challenging time for businesses, with banks continuing to lend cautiously and only when it suits their balance sheet rather than when it suits a company’s. Therefore, access to any finance is invaluable for businesses, and many are continually looking at alternatives to traditional methods, such as a loan from the bank and using the overdraft.”

WF Financial Solutions assists sole traders and limited companies on raising money against invoices, securing finance for working capital, searching for commercial mortgages and seeking private investors.

Nationally, Wilson Field has seen turnover rise to almost £6million. They have also been continuing a year-on-year growth for the business since it was established in 2001.

The company is headquartered in Sheffield, with offices in Manchester and Leeds, and five more offices planned to open in 2013.

Occasionally, borrowing or using your personal resources, while admirable, may not always be in anybody’s interest. Should the worst happen, our insolvency practitioners are available to help you and your business. So, before you become another statistic, consider how an insolvency practitioner can help you.

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