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Food Budgeting

Food Budgeting

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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The CCCS budget guidelines for food are well above what most people can afford. With forward planning a budgeting can people live on £10 a week?

I recently watched a programme about how people live on a food budget of £10 a week. The aim of the programme is to show people they can eat healthily for £10 a week with a bit of forward planning and buying clever.

As we are all acutely aware, the cost of living is increasing. This is squeezing people’s budgets even tighter and sadly people’s nutrition is suffering. We all know we can pick up a pack of instant noodles for around 30p but we know their nutritional value isn’t high.

And it got me thinking, I am the world’s worst for not eating what I have in the freezer. Instead I tend to buy a lunch because I don’t fancy my ham sandwich. The programme made me realise I need to stop being as frivolous and start thinking about what I’m buying. So I will hopefully be able to treat myself at the end of the month with the money I’ve saved. Watch this space for an update on how I end up doing.

I’ve dealt with IVA’s for many years, I’m very familiar with the CCCS (Consumer Credit Council Service) Budgeting guidelines. The CCCS budget guidelines are a set of amounts that determine an amount of what an individual/couple/family should comfortably spend on things such as food. The CCCS budget guidelines for food are well above expecting people to live on £10 a week; however a lot of people, through no fault of their own, live on a lot less than the guidelines deem a reasonable amount. Many are on minimum wage or only work part-time.

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