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Food packer acquisition wrapped up

Food packer acquisition wrapped up

A Sheffield insolvency specialist has secured the future for staff at a specialist food packer in Scunthorpe after it was bought out.

Wilson Field was appointed as administrators to the Flixborough Industrial Estate-based business Ready Steady Veg Limited,, which supplied caterers with prepared vegetables, after the company lost a major contract.

Ready to Cook Veg Ltd, part of the established Nottinghamshire food manufacturer Barrowcliffes group, which specialises in the preparation and distribution of fresh quality produce nationwide, has bought the business of Ready Steady Veg Limited preserving eight permanent positions.

Administrators from insolvency and business turnaround specialist Wilson Field in Sheffield were appointed on 5 February with the sale coming within two weeks.

The total value of the deal is undisclosed but includes the business and the assets of the company.

Kelly Burton, associate director at Wilson Field said; “We went in to review the situation, assess the viability of the business and sold it as a going concern after marketing the business. This was a swift turnaround and conclusion. Wilson Field was pleased to have helped saved these jobs in a challenging market.”

The Barrowcliffes group is one of the UK’s longest running food processing companies specialising in vegetables, root crops, herbs, mushrooms and fruit to wholesale.

Insolvency practitioners are available to help you in business. Borrowing or using your personal resources whilst admirable may not always be in anybody’s interest. So before you become another statistic, consider how an insolvency practitioner can help you.

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