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Game of Life

“Game of Life”

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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The true Game of Life is based around lots of decisions, each one with a separate direction. Wilson Field can guide your finances in the right direction

Life is based around lots of decisions, each one with a separate direction. I suppose you could look at it like the “Game of Life”.

You start on one path, which by one decision or choice moves you onto another. This could be starting a new job or a different form of employment, starting a new course or even the start of a business. Every choice has an option to do one thing or another. For example, take the job, invest in a new company or start the course. The other side of the decision process could be, is this financially detrimental to me, would I benefit?

Some people choose to roll the dice and take a gamble and risk this path. Later down this road you can come across hurdles, such as a new family addition, a high utility or household bill, car problems, etc, in which they have to tackle. Their financial status is not looking too positive and again faced with a further choice, do I act now, do I take credit, do I get a loan, do I risk it? Each comes with a separate consequence.

My approach is to address the situation as soon as you become aware of it. But not everybody thinks that way.

Some people tend to ‘sweep things under the rug’. This leads down a more difficult path where you are struggling, and think who should I pay first, what should I pay first, can I afford this or can I afford that?

At some point in this Game of Life the path will narrow and the decision should be to seek advice. Where might you be able to do this, I hear you say?

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