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Happy 450th William Shakespeare

Happy 450th

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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In homage to the great bard and to commemorate his 450th birthday last week I have penned a poetic masterpiece.

The Bard

If you have financial problems that are causing you distress
There is assistance out there even though life looks a mess
Our staff are here to take your call; don’t bury your head in the sand
We have years of experience and expertise and are sure we can lend a hand
Dealing with your finances can be such a chore
You may feel you’ve hit rock bottom; if so lift yourself off the floor
It may look like a daunting task trying to sort out what you owe
But by speaking to staff at Wilson Field you’re consulting people ‘in the know’
So if your debts are mounting and on your life taking their toll
Our advisors will be pleased to help put you back in control
Your problems won’t just disappear, they won’t just go away
So if you need help and advice call Wilson Field today

Elaine Holmes

If your business debt is getting out of control and you are struggling to make payments, seek the advice of Wilson Field. Our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners can help rescue you from mounting debt. It’s never too late to get help!

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