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Inspiration-it's a long word

Inspiration – it’s a long word

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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A family debate in our household is rare. Even more so is a debate involving all three of my now-grown up children. Usually they are all in their separate rooms listening to music or engrossed in conversations on Skype.

When we all happen to be in our sitting room together, I found myself asking them what inspired them. If anything or anyone, and why?

My son Alex gave me a quizzical look and almost laughed; “well” he said; “Eminem, because he’s done so well with his life and come  so far from absolutely nothing”.
My eldest daughter Adelle continued preparing her vegan treat, turned to me and what she said surprised and shocked me.

“I find inspiration in everyone, because the people I meet (usually at uni) are all quite different, and usually they’ve all achieved a lot through hard work and the time effort they’ve put in. But most of all I find people inspire me when they’ve tried and failed at something then they’ve tried again and achieved what they were aiming for. At least if they lose, they tried in the first place!!!”

My youngest daughter Lucy remained quiet and thoughtful. I asked her if she agreed with any of this. Her usual input is loud and quite forthcoming but on this occasion she simply said, “I remember a picture that hung on Nan’s hall wall – it was an anchor in the mist and below the picture was a piece of writing , a sort of quote, it read

Good luck isn’t riches
So let us take heed
Good luck is contentment
And a will to succeed

On that note, Lucy disappeared upstairs and I was left pondering my own question and I have to admit that it is my job at present where I find and experience  ‘inspiration’. It’s a long word and it takes a long while to admit you find it at all, yet it’s there at work, among my colleagues at Wilson Field, colleagues that create a team of endless empathy and understanding , while helping new buddies such as me to settle in.

In this intricate world  of insolvency I watch how a team of experts  gently guide their way through a maze of financial protocol, unlocking the torture -doors that to some individuals, seem locked forever. Then to offer some final resolution, an independent trust marker is laid.

So yes, my inspiration lies in my job and I’m so lucky to work among people who I know inspire others, even in times of trouble.

Insolvency practitioners are available to help you in business. Borrowing or using your personal resources whilst admirable may not always be in anybody’s interest. So before you become another statistic, consider how an insolvency practitioner can help you.

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