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The irritations of buying a car

The irritations of buying a car

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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I’ve recently been thinking of purchasing a new car, but I’m still unsure of what my next model should be. However, I set off going around various car dealerships with the excitement of a small child in a sweet shop.

Like many people, I like to wander around the car forecourt at my own pace. So I can look and sit in different cars without harassment by the sale assistants.

But as soon as I shut my car door, the first of many irritations started. A sale assistant approaches asking if I would like to see the cars, to which I politely say “No thank you if I need any help I will give you a shout”. This was in the hope they will take the hint and leave me be. To be fair, this did happen even if they followed me around at a distance.

However, when I did express an interest in a car, this is when irritation number two came into play. As a result of the sales pitch; “If you were to spend a little extra over your budget you could upgrade the spec of the car with the type of seats inside to the style of the wheels for the outside”.

Out of curiosity, I went along with the pitch resulting in “little extras”, adding a further £2,400 onto my budget. Luckily for me, I’m not the type of person who can be talked into going beyond the budget I have set for myself. I could see how easy it would be for some to get carried away in the excitement of purchasing a new car. As a result, extending their finances beyond their means.

Working for Insolvency Practitioners, I see on a daily basis how easy it has been for people to extend their finances resulting in them seeking insolvency advice.

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By Jo Riley

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