Leeds launch for business insolvency specialist Wilson Field

Leeds launch for business insolvency specialist

Authored by Kelly Burton

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Turnaround and insolvency specialist Wilson Field Ltd has launched a new Leeds company division to capitalise on five years of growth in the city.

Since launching an office in 2010 in the city, and subsequent strong trading generating an annual income of £1.2m, the company has now established a dedicated business division, Wilson Field Leeds Ltd, to further develop its market reach.

Wilson Field is bucking a trend in West Yorkshire as many of the region’s insolvency practices have actually closed offices

The Leeds division, based at King Street, is overseen by director and licensed insolvency practitioner Kelly Burton. She will be accompanied by corporate associate, Richard Froggatt; he will manage the invoice finance and asset based lending initiatives as well as being involved in restructuring work.

Kelly Burton, director at Wilson Field took over as head of the Leeds office in 2011 and has taken over 190 appointments, said; 

“The launch of a dedicated Leeds business division for Wilson Field is bucking a trend in West Yorkshire as many of the region’s insolvency practices have actually closed offices and seen redundancies.

“Where we have been able to capitalise, is through a strong portfolio of skills and the backing of a broad team, which has a wealth of commercial and financial experience and a track record in sales and business development.

“Our business plan is to more effectively reach businesses across the UK. Although we have launched the Leeds division of Wilson Field, we consistently find that our clients come to us from all over the country.

“We are always looking at ways to expand and improve our offer and we excel in our aim of helping businesses in their most difficult times.

“The whole Wilson Field group has been very successful despite operating in a shrinking market as the economy recovers. Turnover for the group has continued to increase and Leeds has made a significant contribution to that result.

“Latest research shows that in the past year Wilson Field helped to save more than 2,100 jobs and 190 businesses across the UK as well as returning in excess of £9.8m to creditors nationwide.”

Operating from its headquarters in Sheffield, Wilson Field counts offices nationwide. Our offices are manned by financial consultants and licensed insolvency practitioners. An office in Durham is serving as the latest of its regional growth locations.

Nick Wilson, managing director at Wilson Field, said; 

“The launch of our new Leeds division is testament to the hard work of Kelly and her colleagues. It is also indicative of the nature of Wilson Field’s growth plan, which has seen us expand across the UK.”

Wilson Field has driven an aggressive growth plan since its creation in 2001. We help companies to continue trading when faced with financial difficulty. So in cases where the business is unable to continue trading, we can act in an administrative capacity.

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