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Making Full Use of Technology

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Wilson Field have always advocated using the latest technology in all areas from marketing through to day-to-day management of cases and recoveries.

This is driven to “stay ahead of the game”, be cost effective and with an eye on our carbon footprint. Therefore we are implementing many ideas, including:

• Wilson Field were one of the first Insolvency Practices to issue a single notice with a web-link and personalised password to enable the recipient to download information. The issue of advanced notices of Creditors Meetings as well as directors’ reports following Creditors’ Meetings can be bulky. So they involve high postage costs and numerous pages of printing with obvious “green” implications.

• For quite some time, potential clients have been able to complete application forms on line for a number of insolvency services and enquiries.

• Wilson Field were one of the first Insolvency Practices to issuing legal documents via social media networks. In a recent case, an individual owed money and was proving to be very elusive. Claiming to have emigrated whereas it was obvious from Facebook that she had not. As a result, proceedings were issued through Facebook. (A similar case recently occurred in Australia in a child support case. There the magistrate stated the case was unusual but “demonstrative of social movements and the currency of the times”).

Innovation has been key in the success and development of Wilson Field as a leading independent firm of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. This extends beyond technology and into our core activities. As we constantly seek creative ways to help businesses survive in difficult circumstances. This is as well as supporting individuals who have run into financial problems.

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