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Wilson Field are licensed Insolvency Practitioners

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

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Nick Wilson

Nick is the Managing Director of Wilson Field. He is originally from an accountancy background where he worked for one of the ‘big four’. Nick is extremely experienced in assisting companies... Read More

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Lisa Hogg

Originally from an accountancy background. Lisa became a licensed insolvency practitioner in 1999 and joined Wilson Field in 2002. Lisa is a Director and board member and possesses a high level of... Read More

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Julie Fantom

Julie is currently Human Resources Operations Director and a board member. She is responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the company. Despite significant business growth and ever increasing... Read More

Our Insolvency Practitioners

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Kelly Burton

Kelly is a licensed insolvency practitioner and joined Wilson Field in 2011. She is originally from a ‘big four’ accountancy background. Kelly specialises in corporate appointments and heads up... Read More

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Andy Wood

Former R3 Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Chairman and committee member, Andy is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with many years in the industry. He has a wealth of experience advising... Read More

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Robert Dymond

Robert has worked in insolvency since 2004 and joined Wilson Field in 2008 before becoming a licensed insolvency practitioner in 2011. Whilst Robert deals with all forms of insolvency, he spends the... Read More

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Fiona Grant

Fiona has worked in insolvency for many years and qualified as an insolvency practitioner in 2000. She obtained her licence in 2006 upon joining Wilson Field. Fiona oversees all the bankruptcy and... Read More

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Gemma Roberts

Gemma has worked for Wilson Field since 2002 and is a licensed insolvency practitioner, qualifying in 2009. Whilst continuing to take corporate Insolvency appointments, Gemma’s main focus is the... Read More

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Ruth Jacks

Ruth has worked in insolvency since 2006. She qualified as an insolvency practitioner and obtained her licence in 2013. Ruth has a background in Corporate Insolvency, in particular dealing with... Read More

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Emma Bower

Emma has worked in insolvency since joining Wilson Field in 2006. She has a background in corporate insolvency, in particular dealing with complex liquidations and administrations. Emma is Assistant... Read More

Our Insolvency Practitioners are regulated and licensed to provide corporate and personal insolvency services by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) http://www.icaew.com

R3: Association of Business Recovery ProfessionalsThe Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and WalesThe Turnaround Management Association (TMA)

Our Insolvency Consultants

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John Broster

John joined Wilson Field in 2008 and has many years’ experience advising owners of businesses facing financial difficulty. His confident and reassuring manner puts company directors at ease when... Read More

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Nigel Cordell

Initially trained in audit Nigel moved into Insolvency in 1998 undertaking both corporate and personal work. In 2004 he joined Wilson Field as the Manager of the Voluntary Arrangements department.... Read More

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Neil Jeeves

Neil heads up the West Midlands office and has many years’ experience in commercial insolvency. Neil’s main responsibility is to help businesses to restructure and provide financial solutions to... Read More

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Richard Froggatt

Richard joined Wilson Field in 2012, having originally worked for one of the largest independent invoice finance companies in the country. Richard transitioned over to the insolvency market, working... Read More

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Steven Colwell

Steven is a commercial and corporate finance specialist with a great deal of experience gained since the 1990’s. He was trained as a broker working in commercial property, asset finance, invoice... Read More

Our Management Team

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Kat Richardson-Green

Originally from a debt collection background, as Project & Operations Manager, Kat helps the directors to smoothly implement the company’s growth plans and strategies through a variety of... Read More

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Paul Rogerson

Previously was manager of the VA Department for 4 years. Prior to Wilson Field Ltd worked in a Mid-Tier Firm of Insolvency Practitioners having experience managing both Corporate & Personal... Read More

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Phil Meekin

Ex-Bank Manager and former Regional Lending Manager with many years experience. Phil was also self-employed for 10 years. As Head of Marketing he is a creative strategist and brings a wealth of... Read More

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Steve Hanstock

Steve is the company accountant and finance department manager and was for 16 years financial controller for the UK operation of a multinational New York based manufacturing organisation. He is very... Read More

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Sally Wilkes

With extensive experience in finance, most recently in a legal environment, Sally manages our team of cashiers, handling clients’ funds and ensuring they reach their correct destinations. It is... Read More