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New Year!! New problems??

New Year!! New problems??

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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We all look forward to the New Year; a nice new fresh start and promises we make to ourselves, whether to quit smoking, save money or lose weight!

However a new year can actually be the start of further problems awaiting to arise from the result of a happy, joyful and a very expensive Christmas!! HO HO and OOOHHHH NOOOO!!

As I am the kind of person to plan ahead and be prepared. I always make sure I can afford gifts for Christmas so it doesn’t run over to the New Year. But for many, that is not the case. Buying gifts for loved ones, from catalogue companies via affordable monthly payments, seems more appealing than paying for the gift upfront!

So that’s that!! A lovely Christmas with all of the trimmings, smiles and laughter to celebrate the end of the year….YES YOU MAY THINK THAT NOW!!

So the holiday is over and at the start of the New Year the reality has started to sink in. More payments, credit commitments and loans you may have taken to pay for Christmas. Seems like a lot to take in doesn’t it??

The smile you saw when your kiddies ripped off shiny wrapping paper to reveal a brand new game console they wanted for ages all seem worth it. However, your bank balance may not feel the same way in the long run!

Budgeting is about to take action!! Scraping for this and sacrificing that! Just to make ends meet.

A lot of us wonder whether by the time it’s Easter, ‘we will even have enough for a few chocolate eggs?’ After the cash we spent over Christmas it’s a financial pickled egg for sure!!!

However lessons will be learnt from this and budgeting with a little financial organisation wouldn’t go a miss. ANYTHING to avoid going bankrupt or having county court judgements due to missed payments on that contract phone you gave your 16 year old ‘very spoilt’ daughter!!


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