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Niamh McBride is six months into a year work placement at Wilson Field

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Here she explains the benefits of taking a year out in industry.

“I am studying International Finance and Investment at Sheffield Hallam University and as part of the course we are required to take a year’s placement at a relevant company.

“I obviously wanted to work at a business that was involved in finance but was looking for something a bit different – where I could increase my breadth of knowledge about business operations. I chose Wilson Field from a number of suggested companies, because I thought it offered me an interesting viewpoint on business.

“My roles and responsibilities in sales administration have been varied so far. It’s never boring, I could be completing invoices, writing reports, dealing with spreadsheets, one day is never the same. Over the months, my input has changed and I feel I have grown into it.

“I’ve also begun to get involved in the events side which is a lot of fun and has taken me out of my comfort zone into an area of business that I have never considered before.

“My placement has altered my view of the world of work and I would now seriously consider going into this industry. I love the variety, especially the case work and this is something I am looking to get more involved in for the rest of my time here.

Niamh McBride Wilson Field

“The placement is giving me the skills and knowledge employers are looking for. It is a steep learning curve but has taught me to be far more disciplined, regimented and conscious of time.

“The whole experience is about making the most of my university course – and you get to earn while you learn, translate some course skills, but most of all pick up real-life work skills. The priorities are very different from university life.

“I think there are also benefits for employers taking on placement students – companies can access talented, dedicated students who can drive their business forward and at the same time they get a highly cost effective resource.

“My time here has helped me develop and hone the direction of my future career.  At this crucial stage of my education I have many decisions to make about what to do following university and the merits of a gap year placement have really helped me focus on my future.

“I am gaining invaluable experience as part of my degree. I will leave university with not just experience with one of the region’s top brands, but a sense of independence and confidence that I hope will give me a real edge in the graduate marketplace – my opportunities are limitless.”

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