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Power of dreams… or is it nightmares of Liquidation?

Power of dreams… or is it nightmares of Liquidation?

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Having nightmares of liquidation? – Tax arrears, the threat of bailiffs, Winding up Petitions and Company Liquidation can turn dreams into nightmares.

As long as we have walked the Earth, we have been fascinated with the meaning and roles of dreams. From ancient Egypt and Greece, to the Bible, to modern times, dreams have played various roles in cultures’ waking lives. Now in these modern times we face more pressures causing many business owners to have nightmares of liquidation.

Over 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, gods and kings studied their dreams and recorded them on clay tablets, believing the dreamer would actually leave his body during sleep and travel to another dimension: the dream world. Good dreams were sent from the gods, while bad dreams came from demons.

The Ancient Greeks used dreams to predict the future, look for solutions, and to decide on actions to take. Dream interpreters were even consulted when making military and political decisions. Gradually different views started to emerge and some Greeks began to believe dreams were created entirely in the dreamer’s mind. Philosopher Heraclitus first raised the idea and later, Plato added to the theory proposing dreams signalled a person’s mental state of mind and offered pointers for how to live a life. He also believed that dream symbols served as metaphors for other images, situations, events, or feelings in the dreamer’s waking life.

The Old Testament is full of dream references, where God communicates with people through dreams including God and Abimelech, Jacob’s famous ladder dream, the Pharaoh’s prophetic dream.

More recently, dreams and dream interpretation was largely ignored or written off as nonsense but notable psychologists, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, revived Western society’s interest. Freud used dream work to help his patients recover from psychological problems and repressed childhood traumas. His theory believed our dreams acted as a safe place for self-expression. Freud believed he could gain insight into their emotional life.

But dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Some are crystal clear whilst others are muddled and seem totally irrational. Common themes include falling or being chased or more pleasurable topics like food and sex. So what are you dreaming about? According to the internet, if your teeth are being pulled out or falling out it means you are afraid of losing something or someone dear to you. Typically, this dream is linked to financial and money worries.

Of course, financial worries can stop you dreaming altogether if you cannot sleep. Many people who are facing financial difficulties speak of going for months without a proper night’s sleep. They worry about not being able to pay bills, losing their home or even going bankrupt. And the debts and worries can seem even greater for those who run a business. Tax arrears, the threat of bailiffs, winding-up petitions and company liquidation can turn dreams into nightmares.

If you are suffering from debt-driven insomnia, whether it is caused by consumer bills or business debt, don’t reach for the sleeping pills – the problems will still be there when you wake up. Far better to tackle the problem head on and find a solution to the cause of your sleepless nights.


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