Power of dreams… or is it nightmares of Liquidation?

Power of dreams… or is it nightmares of Liquidation?

Authored by Phil Meekin

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Having nightmares of liquidation? – Tax arrears, the threat of bailiffs, winding-up petitions and liquidation can turn dreams of success into nightmares.

A brief history of dreams

As long as we have walked the Earth, we have been fascinated with the meaning and roles of dreams. From ancient Egypt and Greece to the Bible and modern times, dreams have played various roles in cultures’ waking lives. Nowadays, we face more pressures, causing many business owners to have nightmares of liquidation.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Some are crystal clear, while others are muddled and seem totally irrational. Common themes include falling and being chased, or occasionally more enjoyable imagery.

While treated as significant by many ancient cultures, including the Greeks and Egyptians, more recently, aside from use by some psychologists, dreams and dream interpretation has mostly been ignored or written off as nonsense. However, if your dreams are unpleasant, or feature something troubling you in real life, i.e., financial problems, it’s fairly clear those problems are affecting you.

A negative impact

Of course, financial worries can stop you dreaming altogether if you cannot sleep. Many people who are facing financial difficulties speak of going for months without a decent night’s sleep. They worry about not being able to pay bills, losing their home or even going bankrupt, and the debts and worries can seem even greater for those who run a business. Tax arrears, the threat of bailiffs, winding-up petitions and liquidation can turn dreams into nightmares.

Lack of sleep and being unable to function properly in your day-to-day life can make things even worse and turn what may just be a brief period of difficulty into what can feel like a never-ending nightmare.

Take control

If you have debt-driven insomnia, whether it’s caused by consumer bills or business debt, don’t reach for the sleeping pills – the problems will still be there when you wake up. You’d do far better to tackle the problem head-on and find a solution to the cause of your sleepless nights. Speak to us for free, impartial advice with no obligation. Our advisors and insolvency practitioners will assess your situation and decide the best solution to put your financial troubles to bed and help you regain control of your sleep.

In summary

Dreams can be complete nonsense, or they can indicate the worries of your waking life, and be more disruptive than maybe you’d like. A lack of sleep will only exacerbate your problems. If you really want to take control of your finances, take decisive action and contact a licensed insolvency practice; who will assess your problems and provide you with the best route out of your financial troubles and back to restful nights.

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