Are you one of the special ones? - Debt Stress

Are you one of the special ones? – Debt Stress

SEVERE DEBT PROBLEMS. It’s nerve racking, it makes people ill. It makes them unhappy; it causes illness, depression and causes marital strife.

Are you one of the Special Ones? “Special Ones?”, yep “Special Ones!” You probably think you are special. I must be Special-“No one else can suffer like I do from all this stress!”. I must be “SPECIAL. Well you may think you’re special but believe me you’re not! There are over nine million people living in the UK who, like you, are suffering with stress over debt problems.

SEVERE DEBT PROBLEMS. It’s nerve racking, it makes people ill. It makes them unhappy; it causes illness, depression, causes marital strife and sometimes suicide. You are not on your own. One in four adults like you wonders from month to month how to juggle finances.

The government recently did a survey and is concerned that adults are not seeking professional help and assistance. After all, you’re not stupid! Your car goes wrong then you go to a garage. You need a will then you go to a solicitor so why not seek help when you get into serious debt problems?

Seek help! Ask for specialist assistance. There are CAB Offices throughout the country. There are debt charities such as STEPCHANGE or you can seek advice from qualified insolvency practitioners. In most cities, ring and ask for help. My employer WILSON FIELD LTD offers FREE CONFIDENTIAL DEBT ADVICE, and we will help you choose and understand solutions – legal solutions which are available to resolve debt and transform lives.

Insolvency solutions for individuals vary according to your circumstances. Any debt that can’t be repaid on time becomes stressful. The general public are not aware that insolvency solutions such as Individual Voluntary Arrangements have been available under law for over 25 years. You can’t do one by yourself, you need a good insolvency practitioner. They are regulated professionals such as Wilson Field Ltd. In the midst of our office staff of over 85, we employ 6 trained IP’s (Licensed Insolvency Practitioners) who are regulated and who can help you find a solution. Sometimes bankruptcy may be pressing. Your home may be under threat of repossession. The sooner you seek advice the better. Don’t suffer in silence – share your problems.

We’ve all heard the saying “A problem shared…is a problem halved”

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