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Rant, rant and more rant! - Spam Messages

Rant, rant and more rant! – Spam Messages

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Please think about using these companies long and hard before committing to an agreement with them. These companies are not a long term fix and it would be beneficial to speak to our expert advisors here at Wilson Field

Well it’s 9.50pm on a Saturday night and my phone beeps, I have a text message. I think oh, who’s out on a Saturday night enjoying themselves and rubbing it in, while I am sat at home. It’s a message from an unregistered number saying ‘hi ya mate, I’m still in town. I have just got £1,000 in my account from www.paydayloans.co.uk. It’s another spam message and I was annoyed.

Spam messages are something I often receive during the day telling me I’m entitled to a PPI reclaim on a loan I had taken out or compensation on an accident I had. I can’t remember either so they must be good ha ha ha.

I start getting mad about the message, another spam message but I thought about how these companies are not helping in the current climate. Could you imagine someone in town, down to their last tenner and enjoying themselves receiving a text like that. They could easily take advantage of the £1,000 on offer. After a drink would you really be interested in reading terms and conditions or reading about extortionate interest rates? The next morning would be a nightmare, not only nursing a hangover but realising what they had done. Along with thoughts of how they were going to repay a debt. Just because they had received that message when having a good night.

I became intrigued and looked at the website they were instructing me to visit. To see how easy it was to get the money they were offering and what interest rates they were charging. I was shocked!

Interest rates varying from 199% – 5784.3%! According to the website all you have to do is enter a valid debit card number and the money will be with you within 5 minutes. It’s scary how someone could have been placed in debt so easily.

According to the internet these companies do not carry out credit checks. They only carry out bankruptcy checks so more or less anyone could used this facility.

You only have up to 30 days to pay the loan back however. In some circumstances that could mean you pay a couple of hundred pounds more on the initial money you have borrowed in such a small time scale.

Obviously working in this industry, we come across a lot of people using pay day loan companies. To some people they are ideal for a quick fix in an emergency but not good for a long-term solution. The interest rates are horrendous and could put people in a worse position than before.

Please think about using these companies long and hard before committing to an agreement with them. These companies are not a long term fix.

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