Neurocare November and their new ROSA robot machine.

Wilson Field supports Neurocare November and their new ROSA robot machine.

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As part of Neurocare November, we are proud to support this brilliant local charity and their new ROSA robot machine.

The robot

The robot, which still needs a significant amount of finance through fundraising, is innovative in its design, allowing it to be as safe and reliable as possible for carrying out a variety of neurological surgical procedures.

The machine enables surgeons to carry out complex and tricky procedures on the brain. As a result, it has been designed for accuracy and ground-breaking results while still sticking to established surgical protocols. Many have described the technology within this robot as a GPS for the brain, mapping the area to plan in the highest detail how to carry out this intricate surgery.

The robot is already in use in many hospitals around the world, including America, where it is being used to great effect. These results are particularly prevalent in epilepsy surgery; because ROSA is excellent for precision, meaning that even those with small trigger seizure points can benefit from surgery.

Around 30% of epilepsy cases referred to ROSA were described as poorly controlled, and 75% of those have benefitted from this life-changing equipment. The robot Neurocare have purchased will be the first ROSA installed in an NHS hospital and the UK.

Check out this great video of the amazing ROSA robot in action at a hospital in America, and you’ll see why you should be supporting this wonderful cause.

For years now, Neurocare has had the ambition to make the Neurosciences and Neurology Departments at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH) centres for excellence, and this ROSA robot should help to support this aim.

How you can help

When you sign up for our financial advice newsletter, we will donate £2 to Neurocare to help fund this wonderful new machine. ROSA is a state-of-the-art robot, the first of its kind to be brought to the UK, where it will be installed in an NHS hospital right here in Sheffield.

You can donate to Neurocare through their Just Giving page.

You can also find out more about the machine on Neurocare’s website.

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