Runners raise over £65,000 to help Neurocare, a charity funding neurosurgical projects in Sheffield.

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Hundreds of people took part in the 2014 Head Start 10k at Rother Valley Country Park in April this year.

The annual event, sponsored by insolvency firm Wilson Field, has raised more than £65,000 for Sheffield-based Neurocare since it began in 2009.

Corin McCann, Senior Fundraiser at Neurocare, said; 

“We are delighted that we have been able to build the Head Start race over a five-year period and can confirm that with Wilson Field’s support, we have now been able to put £65,608 towards Neurocare causes, thanks to the efforts of the runners and their supporters.

Neurocare Money Raised 2010-2014

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“Our sponsorship from Wilson Field means we do not need to allocate any donations towards organisation of the race, so every penny of the funds raised can go directly towards initiatives such as neurosurgical training, life-saving medical equipment and research projects to help surgeons’ understanding of neurological conditions which affect millions of people across the UK.”

Neurocare is currently raising funds for a number of initiatives, including a new Yorkshire Brain School at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

Nick Wilson, Managing Director at Wilson Field, said;

“We are delighted that our support of this great charity has enabled Neurocare to raise more than £65,000 towards life-saving projects.”

“Neurological disorders and traumas are still incredibly complex cases to treat and supporting development of this branch of medical science can only help our understanding and successful treatment of those disorders.”

Wilson Field are very proud to once again be able to support a brilliant local charity, we are always very pleased to be able to support good causes.


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