Services to Banks

At Wilson Field, we offer professional services tailored to assist financial organisations and banks looking for restructuring options before resorting to insolvency proceedings. We have established relationships with Barclays and Clydesdale bank and membership of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA UK). Our services include objective business reviews and business financing options. We also offer manage away services for customers who no longer meet the bank’s criteria for lending. 

Business review

Occasionally, a company can fall behind on its loan repayments, lease agreements and breach the existing covenants. In these instances, lenders can instruct Wilson Field to carry out one of our independent business reviews to assess a company’s financial situation and provide the client with impartial advice on the options available. The reviews would be formatted to the instructing bank’s reporting requirements. 

Business finance

Our business finance services offer independent advice to help your customer find the financial solution most appropriate for their circumstances. We can provide companies with funding options outside the bank’s lending criteria. 

services for banks

Manage away services

Where clients’ circumstances and requirements may change, and they no longer comply with their bank’s underwriting requirements, the client may be better placed with another financial instituteIn these circumstances, we can facilitate introductions to alternative funders and alleviate the risk of any formal insolvency procedure.  

Insolvency services

Refinancing and a change of banking services may not be sufficient to keep a company solvent, if the issues are more fundamental. We have a proven track record and reputation for providing solutions for companies, including Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs)administration, and liquidation, as an alternative solution. 

In summary

We have over twenty years’ experience in advising companies with financial issues to obtain alternative funding to either complement or replace the existing funding offering, with a view of saving the business and reducing the bank’s exposure. 

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