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YNG Steelers

Sheffield Steelers vs Glasgow Clan

Authored by Bethanie Markham

Bethanie Markham

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Our first Young Networking Group of the year kicked off with a bang as we saw the mighty Sheffield Steelers take on the Glasgow Clan. It was good to have a catchup with everyone and hear how things were progressing in the new year, as we all enjoyed some pizza and salad at Proove in Centertainment.

After a tasty pre-match dinner, we all got revved up for the YNG steelers event and ready to support the lads out on the ice, in what was a fantastic atmosphere at the Fly DSA Arena.

YNG Steelers

Abi, Holly & Jessica enjoying the Steelers game, Fly DSA Arena

Unfortunately, it was a night to forget for the Steelers as the result didn’t quite match the atmosphere with the home team suffering a 6-1 loss! Thankfully it didn’t dampen any spirits as everyone got right behind the boys in orange and kept on cheering.

A big thank you to everyone who attended the YNG steelers event and keep a lookout for the next YNG do!

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