Strike offs paused

Strike-offs paused at Companies House

Authored by Kelly Burton

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Companies House has paused its voluntary and involuntary strike-off processes between January 21st and February 21st, 2021.

Why have the processes been paused?

Companies House had previously paused strike-offs from April 2020 but resumed voluntary strike-offs in a phased approach from September 10th the same year, with compulsory strike-offs returning on October 10th.

Companies House cited COVID restrictions as a reason for the latest pause. Operating with reduced staff means they’re unable to process high volumes of documents. They claim pausing strike-offs will stop the delays affecting companies awaiting them.

The government says:

“Pausing our strike off processes will provide companies with more time to update their records and help them avoid being struck off the register. It’ll also protect creditors and other interested parties who might have had difficulties in receiving notices or registering an objection, or whose objections have not yet been processed.”

What does this mean for companies awaiting strike-off?

First Gazette notices for voluntary strike-off applications will still be published, but second Gazette notices won’t, and companies will not be struck off for the duration of the suspension. Additionally, companies being struck off through compulsory liquidation won’t have their Gazette notices published.


Citing COVID restrictions, Companies House has paused voluntary and compulsory strike-off processes for a month starting from January 21st, 2021. They claim this will give companies time to update records, and potentially help some avoid getting struck off the register. It may also provide some protection to creditors having trouble registering objections.

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