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Dynamic support for Accountants & Bookkeepers - An additional service to your clients at no cost to yourself

Who are we?

Wilson Field started trading in 2001 and operates nationwide with its Head Office in Sheffield and regional offices across the country. Since its inception, it has been involved in a wide range of insolvencies, from micro businesses to larger SMEs with complex trading administrations, solvent liquidations and personal insolvencies. Wilson Field specialises in the provision of restructuring, insolvency and business turnaround advice.

We are an independent, market-leading firm specialising in business support and turnaround. Our team of specialists come from a wide range of backgrounds including accountancy, banking, HMRC, insolvency and a number of them have been self-employed. With years of experience and relationships with an extensive range of lenders and investors, we can find the best possible solution for your clients’ businesses.

Common queries

Do your clients turn to you for advice on matters that are not a ‘normal’ accountancy query?
Does this often distract you from your core business? Have you ever had any of the following queries or concerns from your clients?…

  • Concern about the implications of ‘trading whilst insolvent’
  • The threat of legal action or bailiffs knocking on the door because of unpaid overdue accounts.
  • Worry about the implications of having signed a guarantee for a limited company which may be in financial difficulty
  • A simple request for invoice finance, for example, may seem straightforward but there are dozens of possible providers…
  • Which is best for your client’s circumstances or industry?
  • Which have onerous terms and conditions and which offer best value?
  • What if the client wants “trade finance” to help finance imports and exports?

It’s quite a minefield and there are numerous niche lenders in addition to the well-known players.

These are all areas which can be very time consuming and distract you from your core business – and if the client already owes you money in respect of fees and then runs into serious problems you may not get paid for your additional efforts.

A one-stop-shop

Wilson Field offers a one-stop-shop for a variety of unique services your clients may request, leaving you to focus on running your practice and earning fees. We employ staff from a variety of backgrounds with a huge diversity of experience.

Wilson Field has built up a strong and well-deserved reputation offering expert advice to a range of businesses from sole traders through to larger businesses in the SME sector.

Better for you…

Wilson Field can…

  • Save you time leaving you free to focus on your core business
  • Find the right solution for your client
  • Pay you a commercial rate for any associated work generated, for example there may be a need for financial projections or a Statement of Affairs or tax work

In finding a solution for your clients we can help their businesses to survive which will:

  • Protect your future fee income
  • Protect existing uncollected fees and so avoid potential bad debts

We enhance the range of services available to your clients at no cost to you. You can have as much or as little involvement in the process as you wish.

Better for your client…

Wilson Field can help if you have clients who are….

  • experiencing cash flow problems
  • dealing with a less-than-accommodating bank
  • concerned about arrears with landlords, suppliers or tax / VAT
  • worried about losing their home or even going bankrupt
  • have been threatened with court action or bailiffs

In addition to this, if any of your clients are looking for finance or funding including…

  • commercial mortgages or re-mortgages
  • “alternative” loan and funding sources
  • all types of commercial finance including:
    • invoice finance
    • block discounting
    • asset finance and refinance
    • trade finance to fund imports / exports
    • bridging loans
    • sale & leaseback of both real estate and plant
  • access to private investors

Our knowledge of the asset based lending market means that we are able to find your clients the best refinancing packages available to them. We have excellent relationships with lenders and specialist brokers. Some lenders are only accessible through intermediaries and do not have a High Street presence. Following the advent of Crowd Funders and Peer-to-Peer lenders more hybrid providers are emerging all the time.

Our promise to you…

  • We are NOT competing for your business. We do not undertake taxation work, audits or any of the other ‘regular’ accountancy services, and never will.
  • We will meet with your clients, at a location and time to suit them, free of charge. You can be as involved in the advice process as you would like to be. Should a formal procedure be required, our fees will be agreed with your client upfront. We will keep you informed.
  • It is our policy to refer any related work, such as the preparation of the Statement of Affairs, cash flow forecasts and employee returns, directly back to you at a commercial rate. We may also have the opportunity to refer tax work such as terminal loss claims to you.
  • Wilson Field restructure a significant number of businesses each year. A number of these businesses will inevitably require new accountants and wherever we can we will refer clients to you.

Why use Wilson Field?

We CARE about our service – and your reputation:

  • Our initial advice is FREE, and in the unlikely event of us not being able to assist your client, there will be no charge
  • We are approachable and won’t frighten your client!
  • No matter how difficult the circumstances we are always constructive and sympathetic
  • Our staff are forward-thinking and creative, offering a fresh, commercially-aware approach to resolving problems
  • We will do everything possible to help your clients to turnaround their businesses

Could a partnership with Wilson Field add value to your core business? Not only for the benefit of your clients, but to also enhance your core business and what services you currently offer.
If you’d like to discuss our services in more detail with us – please call us on 0800 901 2475. Your clients could also call us on 0800 901 2475 for free independent advice.

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Wilson Field give FREE advice that you can trust!

R3: Association of Business Recovery ProfessionalsThe Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and WalesThe Turnaround Management Association (TMA)

"After going through difficult times, we're very happy to be securing the loyal service of our staff through the help of Wilson Field.

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