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The Honeymoon

Wedding – The Honeymoon

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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With all the ‘main things’ booked and deposits paid. We recently got our globe out in an attempt to decide where in the world we wish to go……

However these two little words…honey and moon come with a potentially BIG price tag. I’m trying to avoid bankruptcy so this makes it a little harder. Although, I suppose the Caribbean courtesy of insert credit card name would be going out on a financial bang!

I have to admit we have both got slightly caught up in “it’s our honeymoon should we go all out???” train of thought. However, we’ve managed to rein ourselves back in. This is not helped by many people’s expectation that we should go to The Maldives, Mauritius or Florida. (However, if they wish to pay for it I would reconsider…). I’ve adopted the phrase ‘mini moon’ so as to manage my own expectations as well as others. And, I have to admit I like the idea of a ‘mini break’ and maybe somewhere exotic could follow next year. Hopefully, then the financial burden of the wedding has been lifted somewhat.

We’ve been looking up various combinations of flights, hotels and all-inclusive packages on various websites. However, with many holiday businesses and airlines struggling financially, it is a worry booking with a cheaper, less well known company.

In 2011, Holidays 4 u was placed into administration, leaving thousands of holiday-makers out of pocket. With another few thousand already abroad worrying whether they would be allowed to remain abroad. Although travellers who had booked with the failed tour operator should get their money back, under Air Travel Organising Licensing protection scheme, refunds could take months. Although I want to remember my honey-moon , I want to remember it for the right reasons. I don’t want to remember it because my holiday company has been wound up and is now in liquidation or that I must report to an administrator.

Thomas Cook’s shares fell substantially at the end of 2011. This again sent quivers down holiday-makers spines and has made me slightly weary about booking with them.

All these negative remarks about the travel industry and that they are struggling is understandably at the back of our minds. Paying by credit card would provide us with extra protection, if the travel company did go bust or breach any contract we had with them. This is a thought that has crossed our minds. However, no decisions has been made yet and as I said in my earlier post, we have a budget and we’re sticking to it!

We haven’t booked anything yet as there are questions over where in the world we want to go. Although I’m currently pushing for Iceland, a blue lagoon and the prospect of the Northern Lights certainly does float my boat. But who we book through, whether we wait until next year or book flights, accommodation and any exertions separately is yet to be decided.

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