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I don’t want to pay for our wedding 5 times over with the interest and charges added on by taking out a loan or credit card.

My lovely boyfriend of 4 years proposed in October 2012 and ever since then I have learnt that the ‘W’ word also seems to come along with a £££££ sign.

I deal with IVA’s on a day to day basis and do not want to end up in one as a result of our ‘special day’. Don’t get me wrong, I want a lovely wedding but I’m not prepared to bankrupt myself as a result. However, the rest of the world seems to have another idea…

Being novices at this wedding thing we decided that the search for the venue seemed a good place to start ….we then decided that hotels seemed as good a place as any. The hotels were kindly offering me packages which included a wedding planner for a few thousand, there was the option of a fountain for my guests to make a wish (who knew such a thing existed), a waterfall of lights, rooms for our guests, a 5 course dinner, cakes, knives, forks, plates (oh yes, they are an added extra) and then the list goes on and on and on. All for a small (??!!) price of course…

The temptation to take a loan or credit card out is there. The people you speak to make you believe that you NEED a wishing fountain for your guests and you NEED a wedding planner otherwise your wedding just isn’t worth attending but I am avoiding turning into Bridezilla and reminding myself that I don’t want to pay for our wedding 5 times over with the interest and charges added on by taking out a loan or credit card.

We’ve chosen a small venue that is a bit of ‘do it yourself’. We decorate it how we wish and everything is down to us. It’s made me feel like I’m slightly more in control and everything isn’t running away with me.

We have set ourselves a budget and the saving has started…yes I may not be able to have the fountain that will make all my guests dreams come true (??) but I will have a special day.


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