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What is Company Administration (video)

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Company Administration Video Transcript

If your company is really struggling although the core businesses viable administration may be the best way to not only salvage the business but also to preserve the jobs if your people.

Administration is a powerful procedure which gives us all time to analyse the future of your business so in essence it creates a bit of a buffer zone which prevents creditors from taking legal action against your company whilst we address the big picture.

As licensed insolvency practitioners we could take over the day-to-day running of the business both addressing strategic problems such as looking for a new financial restructuring non-performing areas.

Alternatively, we could look to pre-pack the business, if appropriate this could ensure the survival of your company with minimum disruption.

You know if you need us there really is no time like the present please get in touch.

Read more about Company Administration or Pre Pack Administration.

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    I have received free consultation from Beverley Horton. The consultation was via online chat, easy and very effective.

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    Thank you for your fast response and help

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    An answer within minutes to something I needed the answer to! Great help, thank you!

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