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Wilson Field showcases support for numerous local charities

Authored by Phil Meekin

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One good deed deserves another…

Although the Wilson Field is not a large corporate, we do like to put something back into our community and support our local charities.

This varies from helping charities, amateur sports team sponsorships and arts in the community through our Sheffield theatres sponsorship.

Like many companies we regularly raise money for both local charities and national charity throughout the year – the chosen good cause is usually associated with one of our colleagues and the range of fundraising events, whether it’s a dress down days, raffle, bring-and-bake, sponsored run or abseiling – is never dull.

Wilson Field Whirlow Hall Farm 480 Scheme - local charities

Most causes tend to be relatively small and local. We think it’s important to support close to home. This year, so far, we have helped numerous causes including Neurocare, St Luke’s Hospice, Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, a local food bank and Cavendish Cancer Charity.

And through the backing of sports teams including sponsorships with Parkhead Cricket Club and Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club, our donations all go to help grassroots sports, we’re pleased to help encourage the next generation of athletes.

The benefits are many. Of course, the cause benefits financially from our donation but there’s more. It generates a feel-good factor, great for staff morale when people help others. We also try and gain associated PR which helps showcase the cause.

Reading a recent online article it now seems there is an added bonus – there may be hidden benefits in that consumer attitudes are more positive towards companies which are seen to engage in CSR activities.

Positive corporate values are important to consumers with the socially-conscious abandoning brands they do not feel have positive corporate values or behaviours.

So supporting a good cause – seems like a win, win situation.

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