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worried about the impact the World Cup could have on business?

Over half of SME owners in Yorkshire and Humberside are worried about the impact the World Cup could have on business

Authored by Phil Meekin

Phil Meekin

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Close Brothers Business Barometer survey shows 57% of Yorkshire and Humberside SME owners are worried about this summers World Cup.

In a recent survey carried out by Close Brothers Business Barometer, it was found that 57% of SME owners and managers across Yorkshire and the Humber are worrying this summer’s World Cup will have a negative impact on their business.

The 2014 World Cup is taking place in Brazil meaning the majority of England games will be televised late at night. A third of the people surveyed were concerned about an increased number of staff absences from work following the games. 27% are worrying they will experience a drop in productivity during the tournament.

The survey also revealed 60% of bosses, who took part, said they would be willing to accommodate flexible working hours to allow staff to watch the football and change their shifts.

The time difference in Brazil means the Government have permitted relaxed licensing laws for businesses wanting to stay open longer. Pubs and bars will be open until 01.00am for England games which kick-off at 20.00 or later UK time.

Establishments who will be showing the games wanting to take advantage of the later opening hours serving alcohol later than normal, can apply for the license. Individual pubs can apply for the one-off license which costs £21. There is a hope the relaxed laws will encourage people to watch the games in pubs rather than watching at home. Pubs wanting to stay open later for other games will have to apply for individual licences.

Some publicans have criticised the televised timings of the World Cup. It is thought more people might potentially stay at home to watch the games due to late match times. The timings of the games could have a knock on effect for businesses planning on showing the games. Sectors, such as the restaurant trade, are worrying people will choose to stay in and watch football instead of going out for a meal.

We wrote about recent CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) research, which found 38% of British adults have never visited the pub, with the number of pubs closing on the increase. The World Cup timings, combined with competitive low alcohol pricing in supermarkets, mean it could be a tough summer for pubs.

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Source: Yorkshire bosses fear World Cup will be an ‘own goal’ for business – thebusinessdesk.com

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